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We’ll install your Wordpress Theme to look like its corresponding Demo Page.

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Need help installing your amazing WordPress theme on your WordPress website? We can help out!

Prior to purchasing, please note of the requirements needed for this service.

👉 A WordPress website
👉 Your website login portal
👉 Admin access – you may create a new user with admin access to keep it separate from your admin credentials if you wat
👉 Social media URLs
👉 Your media assets such as logos, icons, and images
👉 Your purchased theme and the license (as applicable) – a lot of themes use licenses to keep themes updated and secure

Timeframe: For complete requirements, it will take 24-72 hours. This may get delayed if requirements aren’t complete at time of purchase.

What's Included

We will install your WordPress theme on your website together with its demo content. 

We will install all the plugins your theme requires in order to function properly. 

Note: Each plugin has its own requirements. We will not be able to set-up plugins that require access to other platforms that need your user credentials.

We will setup your brand logos and site favicon (as appropriate). 

Note: This does not include logo design services.

What's Not Included

You will have to purchase your preferred WordPress theme and have it on hand by the time of purchase.

Note: You may purchase themes at Creativemarket.

You are responsible for installing other plugins you want to add to your WP website that is not needed for your theme to work properly.

You will be responsible for making sure that your WP website and themes are up-to-date. Frequent updates are necessary to keep your website functioning properly. Check out our WordPress Care Plans for more info! 

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    Install was super quick! Thank you!

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